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Our Story

My adventure started when I was just a teenager, at the kitchen table in my childhood home. It was there that I sat beside my mother and began to learn a craft that would change my life. My mother was going through a great transitional period in her life and led by her faith, found herself learning how to make rosaries using flowers as a medium. In the past, it was a common practice, by the nuns, to make rosaries from funeral flowers, but that was fading over time. Many people began to inquire about and ask for these rosaries my mother had made, and so began a full time business for her and my father. I worked alongside my mother at that very same kitchen table for years to come.


Now, more than four decades later, having gone through my very own journey of faith, I find myself blessed to be able to carry on this tradition in the comfort of my own home while surrounded by my family.


Although the business has changed over the years and my product line has grown, my mission to spread the healing power of the rosary remains. At Family Rosaries and Keepsakes we strive to provide you with high quality products intended to last for years to come. Many of the flowers that our customers send have come from times of great happiness, thanks, mourning and celebration.  It gives me great pleasure to be able to create products from such powerful memories and emotions and is truly the reason that I love what I do.  The unique history of each flower becomes a part of our hand crafted products, creating a tangible memory to carry through the rest of life’s journey. To all of those who have allowed me to play a small role in their journey through the years, thank you so very much.


~Paula Barbieri-Stewart

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