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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the website work if I have to send you my flowers?

The site offers an expedited and efficient way for us to process your order. It also allows us to securely process credit cards instead of strictly personal checks/money orders through mailing in an order form.  After your order is processed through the site, you will receive a confirmation page that you can print and submit with your flowers.  We know it's coming so we can keep an eye out for it.

Will my finished beads be the exact color of the flower I send?

All of our beads will come out  the color of the flowers used.  There are also other options that include making the flower beads black, enhancing the color with pigment, or using multiple flowers to create unique blended beads.

Can I still pay with a personal check or cash?

If you still wish to pay by personal check/money order, you can do so through the "offline payment" option when checking out. The personal check/money order can be sent along with a print out of your summary page and flowers.

How many flowers does it take to make each product?

Because each flower varies in size it is difficult to give an exact answer.  We have, however, found that a full size rose can produce approximately 80 beads.  A simple way to estimate is to send one flower for each item.  If you have extra flowers, we encourage you to send them as well.

Do my flowers need to be fresh when I mail them?

No, your flowers do not need to be fresh.  We actually encourage you to keep the flowers to enjoy for as long as you would like.  When they start to wilt, take them out of water and lay them out to dry for 24 hours before mailing.

What happens to the extra flowers after our order is completed?

Any remaining flowers will be processed and stored in an airtight container with all of your information labeled on it.  We will keep your remaining flowers for 5 years.  This will allow you or any other family member extra time should you want to order another product from these flowers. When you shop the site again, just select the "Re Order" option to use the remaining flowers.

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